Toby's Estate

Last February 21 I went to Century City Mall in Kalayaan Ave. Makati to see the mall and try Caliburger. Before I even got to my destination I was drawn in to Toby’s Estate just because I loved the look of the small store. It’s not everyday you see subway tiles used in Manila.

Monthly Agriculture Magazine

RFDFI's milk and dairy products include whole fresh milk, chocolate milk, and low fat milk, packaged in HDPE food grade bottles with a shelf life 7-9 days; butter and quesong puti, packaged in HDPE food grade packs and tubs with a shelf life of 9-12 days and 14-days, respectively.

"We use only pure fresh cow's milk and cream from our farm for our ice cream," he says. This is also the reason why Carmen's Best is a consistent winner in all the competitions it has entered.