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  • Believe me if I say that this is the best tasting milk chocolate I've ever tried in my life! From the very first sip, I fell in love with the creamy and nutritious Holly's Milk Low-Fat Chocolate... Read More

  • It's raining outside. Yey! Finally, some cool breeze is coming inside the house. I guess summer is almost over.

    I've been crazy busy with work the past weeks. Don't get me wrong, I'm not... Read More

  • Last February 21 I went to Century City Mall in Kalayaan Ave. Makati to see the mall and try Caliburger. Before I even got to my destination I was drawn in to Toby’s Estate just because I loved... Read More

  • My daughter Mishca has never been a milk formula fan. When she was an infant, the first formula she ever tried made her colicky. The soy milk formula that was prescribed by her pediatrician  gave... Read More

  • Holly’s Milk is produced and delivered fresh every week  from the 27-hectare farm of Senator Ramon Magsaysay Jr. in Masaya Bay, Laguna. Situated at the foothills of Mt. Makiling,  the Real Fresh... Read More

  • RFDFI's milk and dairy products include whole fresh milk, chocolate milk, and low fat milk, packaged in HDPE food grade bottles with a shelf life 7-9 days; butter and quesong puti, packaged in... Read More

  • Real Fresh Dairy Farms, Inc. (RFDFI), makers of Holly’s 100% Premium Farm Fresh Milk and other dairy products, marked a milestone in its 5-year history with the official launch and blessing of its... Read More

  • Have a good morning, and really have it!  Don’t let worries or the mad morning rush steal the day away.  Remember what Mr. Incredible always says (which is the opposite of what a lot of us say)  “... Read More

  • Find & share great dishes, not just restaurants.

    Find whatever you're craving, see what's good at any restaurant and learn what foodspotters, friends and experts love wherever you go. ... Read More

  • The Holly's Fresh Milk came in whole milk and low fat chocolate milk (which I've tried). I delight in the fact that the chocolate milk is not saccharine-sweet and echoes the luscious and light... Read More

  • I have always loved drinking bottled milk and chocolate milk. I remember the taste of Chocolait when it was still called ChocoVim. (It tasted like cocoa of Happy Lemon). ... Read More

  • Nothing beats fresh milk! Have fresh milk delivered at your doorsteps weekly. Visit to find the nearest distributor.
    I say, once... Read More

  • One of the highlights of my day is having lunch at The Palms Country Club for my dad’s 63rd birthday.

    The Palms recently started selling Holly’s Milk, and my favourite is their low fat... Read More

  • Just wanted to share that this by far is the best locally made milk that I've ever tasted. It tastes like milk I would drink when I used to live in the states… Holly's milk uses cows from New... Read More

  • Low Fat Chocolate Milk for Recovery. I don’t know how many times I’ve read about LOW FAT CHOCOLATE MILK being a good recovery drink after a run. Experts say that the high protein and high carb... Read More

  • The Best Fresh Chocolate Milk is made by Holly's Milk. Congratulations, Ultimate Taste Test 4.0 Winner

    Holly's Milk by Real Fresh Dairy Farms
    Whole Milk, Low Fat Milk, White... Read More

  • Milking a grand venture for all its worth

    AFTER making a name in different fields, a group of businessmen have now gotten together to venture into something completely different from what... Read More

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