About Us

RFDFI was formally organized in 2008 by Danilo Katigbak-Dimayuga, Ralph Casiño, Felipe Bince,  Eduardo Arroyo Jr., Rey David, Atty. Sofronio Larcia and former Senator Ramon Magsaysay Jr. We are a group of seasoned businessmen and retired executives who are united by a common goal – to create economic opportunities in the countryside. Instead of people migrating to the big city in hopes of finding jobs and a better life for their families, we wanted to bring the jobs to them. Essentially, it is a collective undertaking envisioned to be a model of private enterprise with a purpose.

Our business formula for a successful agricultural enterprise is a balanced mix of good management, competent people, sustainable practices and modern technology.  Ours is an agribusiness that not only provides a regular source of income for people, but also encourages them to go into dairy farming in the future.

We have a modest farm operation that supports the livelihood of more than 60 families, most of whom are residents of Laguna and nearby provinces in the Southern Tagalog region.


Our 27-hectare dairy farm is located in the verdant fields of Bgy. Masaya in Bay, Laguna where it is home to roughly 200 Holstein-Sahiwal cattle from New Zealand.

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